Mayoral 9078 Boxed Socks - Black & White Print, 4 pr

$ 14.99 $ 39.99

Cute, unique black and white designs for a different design each day! Each has a black trim at the top of the ankle to add some flair above the shoe. With 4 distinct yet color coordinating designs, your little one will look amazing in these socks with any outfit!

  • ~62% Cotton, ~35% Polyamide, ~3% Elastane (material varies slightly for each design)
  •  machine wash & dry flat. iron as needed.
  1. Design A= White background with black polka dots. Sole and toe area solid black.
  2. Design B= Black design gives the illusion of ballerina shoes with the ankle as white fabric.
  3. Design C= White background with thin black stripes across and black bow at the top of the ankle. White fabric around the toes and sole.
  4. Design D= Primarily white with few black polka dots and a black and pink elephant in the middle.

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