Chew/Teething Accessory - Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Polished Beads, Cherry

$ 19.99

Genuine Baltic Amber direct from the source, artisan hand-made teething necklaces.  Made from AAA top quality, jewelry grade raw amber.  Worn close to the skin so the warmth of the body releases the natural essential oils from genuine Baltic Amber and it's healing effect to soothe pain and discomfort from the teething cycle.  

Real Baltic Amber has been used for centuries world-wide as a natural remedy for teething and other aches and pains in the mouth/gums, ears, & stomach.  Whether it is for a teething infant or an older child, the soothing and calming effects have been a gift for so many.  Even adults who suffer from inflammation and arthritis have found relief.* (Please note any serious conditions should be reviewed and accessed by a medical doctor.  Bubble Belly nor the manufacturer can not guarantee any "cure" or remedy by using these products.)

These necklaces are both fashionable and functional and we LOVE that!

Multi-colored, polished, individually knotted beads.

Approx 6 grams & 10" length.  Screw closure.

**Since all of our natural Baltic Amber necklaces are individually hand-made, the colors may vary slightly from the pictures.  No two necklaces will be identical.

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