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$ 14.99

Your little one and you will cherish this wonderful gift.  Letters from a parent are forever gifts that will be loved and cherished for many years to come.  From the wisdom to the written words of a parent, sometimes it is easier to write it down.

Keep those memories, thoughts, hopes and dreams for your son in one convenient place.  Sometimes it can be tough to say but writing it down, these wishes and thoughts will be remembered forever.  It will become one of the most precious and cherished gifts your son will every received.  Write it now and give it to them on their 18th birthday, as they go off to college, or as a wedding gift, etc.  So many ways to say I LOVE YOU with your written words and memories.

Book includes prompts and inspiration, along with envelopes to seal.  All in one hardcover "letter sized" book.  This makes the perfect, most thoughtful Gift for so many occassions, whether it is their birthday or just something you can hold onto and write in over the years for the future.

Measures approx. 6.5" x 9.5"

Each page comes with subtle and sweet prompts to inspire parents to give to their sons  LOVE just LOVE!

"Letters to My Son" Keepsake Time Capsule


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