BT21 Character Plush House Slippers, Cooky Bunny

$ 24.99

BT21 Character Plush House Slippers, Cooky Bunny

Can never get enough of these cute characters created by our 7 super talented artists, humble, kind humans...BTS!

Don’t let COOKY’s perky appearance fool you. Always full of heart and boundless stamina, COOKY’s that one friend you can always count on.  Good at everything but yet super humble and sweet. A strong friend to carry you through all of life's ups and downs and always there to be your biggest cheerleader, that's our lovable, adorable Cooky!

Wear these soft plush house slippers when you need to rest your feet from a long day at school or work. Just lounging is more fun and relaxing with Cooky at your feet.


If you're an ARMY or just one who loves all cute things and things that bring happiness, these cute, light weight plush slippers feel like walking on a cloud. These are just that little something everyone needs.


US women sizes.

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