Candy Club Gourmet Treats - Saltwater Taffy, Cotton Candy

$ 8.99

Candy Club Gourmet Treats - Saltwater Taffy, Cotton Candy

The wonderful taste of fluffy cotton candy in a small chew in this nostalgic saltwater taffy.  Doesn't it just remind you of those wonderful, fun days by the sea, at the boardwalk with family and friends?  Perhaps childhood memories of family trips or of your first teenage "date" to the boardwalk with your crush and sharing a bit of saltwater taffy?

This is delicious with a bit of that toasted cotton candy flavor in a smooth and chewy taffy.  Comes in a cute canister ready for gift giving or just to bring some of that cardival fun home with you. 

This makes a great treat for kids, birthdays and gift basket stuffers.  Moms will love the sweet surprise after a long day with the kids too.  You can't go wrong with a surprise little gift from Candy Club!

This saltwater taffy is whipped, not pulled, allowing for a flavorful, less sticky, softer piece of taffy. Tastes like summer.  :)

Candy Club is a Premium Candy Company based right here in Sunny California!

  • Canister measures approx. 2.8" l x 2.8" w x 3" h

    0.19 lb

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