Copper Pearl Universal Pacifier Clip Set, Scotland Earth Tones, 3 Pk

$ 21.00

Copper Pearl Binky Clip Set, Scotland Earth Tones, 3 Pk

This handy universal clip is an essential item for your baby if you use a pacifier. 

One side has a universal loop that can be looped through most binky's.  Opposite end clips onto baby's bib or stroller so their favorite binky does not get lost or dropped while out and about.

You never want a melt down or be left without their much loved item.

3 Pack of binky set in Scotland Earth Tones. 

Top rack dishwasher safe to sanitize.  Always check integrity of beads, clips, elastics, string, etc. to ensure they are in good condition prior to giving to baby.  Never leave baby alone or asleep with clips.

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