Pura Stainless Bottle Silicone Straw

$ 9.99

Swap out the sippy top for a straw top when your child grows!  Perfect for school lunches too.  No need to purchase different bottles and drink containers at every phase of your growing child's life.  Just keep the stainless Pura bottle and swap out the top!

The only completely plastic-free bottle on the market.  No plastic seals, rings, or mating parts.  Stainless is odor free and stain free.  Silicone does not harbor bacteria and is soft and gentle on gums & teeth.

*Pack box includes straw top and detachable straw stem for washing.  Silicone straw stem also fits on most other drink bottles with plastic straws so this is the perfect stem for most drink bottles or to use alone in a cup! (straw and straw spout are clear in color with slight bluish tint)

*Plastic-free and does not leach chemicals, toxins, nor retains odors and stains
*Suitable for most 6 months and up to adult!

*Compatible with all Pura bottles, 5 oz, 11 oz, or insulated bottles!  No need to toss out the baby bottle with Pura!  Just swap out the top as baby grows!  Economical and saves space and headache!

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