Steiff Germany Classic Handmade Plush Toy, 11" Peppi Puppy

$ 34.99

Steiff Germany Classic Handmade Plush Toy, 11" Peppi Puppy

From start to finish, Steiff is the only plush toy company to own their own weaving mill. So from start to finish, the entire manufacturing process and quality are carefully overseen and controlled for your baby's safety and for generations to come. From the first sketch to the finished toy, Steiff quality and dedication is unsurpassed.

From babies to collectors alike, these classic plush toys from Steiff GmbH are made to last for generations, with quality and sustainability in mind.

For over 140 years, Steiff has created quality toys, including inventing the soft, plush toys and the official first "Teddy Bear" in the world named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

Since then, a true Steiff plush toy is cherished, loved, and handed down from generation to generation. Every little one needs a soft cozy, high quality, plush toy to love, hug, and hold forever. 

Whether in the nursery as Cuddle up with the perfect puppy. Peppi, a dog plush toy from Steiff, has an unmistakably perky and pleasant demeanor, making Peppi a great choice for imaginary play. Plus, he's made with ultra cuddly fur and soft stuffing that kids love to hug tightly.

All handmade, sewn, and trimmed by hand for the softest, highest quality with attention to details that are meaningful, especially for a lifelong friend for your little one.

Whether it's playtime or bedtime, this sweet pooch is sure to be their constant companion. Steiff artists have designed Peppi to become a treasured best friend that holds up beautifully over the years after this plush toy has transitioned from a playtime favorite to a longtime companion.

At 11 inches in size, he's easy to bring along on adventures. The machine-washable design also makes him easy to freshen up when needed.

Note the famous button in ear tag trademark, which serves as a symbol of the company that invented soft toys more than a hundred years ago and to mark the authentic, original Steiff quality.

**Completely machine washable.

Made in Cambodia.

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