Celavi Acne Healing Patch - Translucent

$ 14.99

Celavi Acne Healing Patch - Translucent

Don't let pesky blemishes get you down! Get Celavi Acne Healing Patches to help clear those blemishes and keep your skin looking fab.

Use these acne patches for an easy way to tackle those pimples and skin flareups, sure to turn that frown upside down!

A ultra thin translucent patch infused with hydrocolloid to treat and heal acne spots and scars. Helps reduce the visibility and redness of acne scars and protects skin from secondary infections. Can be used during the day or at night. Includes 2 size patches: 10mm and 12mm. 36 patches in 1 set.

Quality skincare.

Made in South Korea.

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