Baby Wearing / Baby Carriers

One of the best investments you can make is in a high quality, well-made baby carrier.  One that comes with great fabrics, looks great but most of all is COMFORTABLE and EASY TO USE!  It will help give you the freedom to move around and allow for both you and baby to enjoy the closeness without feeling "helpless".  You get both arms to move, walk, do chores and tasks around the house, work, play with your other children, etc.  

There are so many benefits for you but of course, studies have shown that "baby wearing" has tremendous benefits for baby too!  It helps promote better sleep/rest, soothing, bonding, and ultimately provides them with the feeling of being loved and cared for, building the foundations for a wonderfully developed, confident little person!  Newborns need that closeness but older toddlers love the closeness and bonding too.  This allows for you to care for multiples and not feel limited in your movements or freedoms to just plain GET THINGS DONE while still caring for your littlest.

We chose very specific lines of carriers that have been tested by us and our customers and fellow parents LOVE!  We carry a well edited selection of only the best and easy to use carriers and of course, still offer you the design and style that you crave.  

Happy baby wearing and ENJOY FREEDOM TOGETHER!

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