About Us

Busy, modern families need great products!  We are a busy family with 3 little girls with modern convenience needs and desires for a clean, stylish lifestyle and that became even more evident when I was pregnant with our first little bundle of happiness!  Friends tell me I always had a knack for picking out the most unique shower and baby gifts for my friends and family.  When I was pregnant, that desire to find better products for both my growing family as well as my friend's was amplified and became a huge mission. 

It also seemed to have become increasingly difficult, especially by the time I was 8 months pregnant!  Trekking all over town from one store to the next was just no fun and there just wasn't a store that carried all the beautiful and unique things I wanted or needed.  So that is how Bubble Belly, our little baby store was "born".  Add in my 17+ years in Sales & Marketing in the Medical Device Industry and you've got a desire and blend of all things that are a bit technical, beautiful, FUN and FUNCTIONAL, practical yet still stylish.  This is Bubble Belly, the little children's store in Downtown Davis, CA in YOLO County.  Our cute little building literally looks like a gingerbread house and it couldn't be more fitting for our passion.  Living Luxuriously and enjoying all the finer things with our little ones.  Enjoying and indulging in all the fun, beautiful, and unique things in life but also always being mindful of our children's future and our Mother Earth.

We all know there is A LOT out there for kids and often it can be overwhelming.  We scout the world to offer our customers a well-edited selection of high quality, distinctive, & innovative products from clinical-grade & effective, non-toxic skin care for baby and family to unique children's apparel, toys, gifts & everyday living essentials for newborns to teens to adults.  Our children are only small for so long so we love to really soak in these short years and enjoy all the special, whimsical, magical things that come with this age while also allowing us to indulge in fun things for ourselves and the adults in our lives too!

We bring you fun, stylish, and never frumpy styles for children from the littlest newborns to tweens and teens as well as adults.Our commitment is in searching the world to find the best products that blend LUXURY, DISTINCTION & VALUE that are aesthetically pleasing and bring joy, magic, and wonder to those who gift or receive them!  We feel these must go hand-in-hand and what makes this special time so magical and our store unique.

With all of our products for moms, dads, grandparents, families and kids, we bring our keen eye for beautiful details and comfort without breaking the bank but still offering that high-end boutique quality and novelty that everyone loves.  We are known and loved for our selection of children's apparel.  Great little dresses for little girls and wonderful dress up and casually chic styles for little boys, along with modern, gender neutral apparel and gifts too.  After all, life is short and your babies are only little for a short amount of time so why settle for "ho-hum" and the same thing that everyone else has?  Say "NO" to big box store "typical" and choose to be different.  Go for higher quality and uniqueness for the most important little humans you know.  We know that when they are young, Mamarazzis, every day can come with a slew of photo opportunities so we're here to help make those moments you capture even more special!

High quality.  Fun & Functional.  Fair Prices and styles that are never boring.  --We don't do boring!  All of this and excellent, personal customer service to boot, in one little shop, whether online or in-store, we are here for you.  

We started the concept for Bubble Belly in 2007.  With much research, lots of heard work, a lot of learning and trade-show after trade-show, we finally officially launched our online store in 2010.  After receiving rave reviews from our customers and in publications and garnering a large following, we took our customer's request to heart and opened up our first retail location in the Fall of 2012, right in the heart of Downtown Davis, CA...when we just happened to "stumble" across the perfect little building!  It looked like it could be a magical little "gingerbread house" but it was being underutilized and not in the best condition.  So we made the leap and through many, many, MANY long hours of sweat and physical labor (just like having a baby...kind of), we transformed the once dark, cob-web ridden, drab & dark building...and that's when Bubble Belly boutique was "born". We are an easy access right of I80, whether you are heading up from Vacaville or back down from the Sacramento area.  We have FREE local delivery to the Solano County, Yolo County and parts of Sacramento County.

The vibe here is modern and hip, fun and laid back (being a college town and all), mix in high-end, quality boutique brands and exquisite detailing from small one-of-a-kind independent labels, top it with responsible & eco-friendly choices and finish off with a sprinkle of edgy and whimsy, while not letting go of some of the classic, timeless styles of yester-year.  Make sense?  We're definitely eclectic and fun and we love sparkly things too.  We love combining, mixing, and layering to create some of the most unique outfits for your sweet little tots all available under one little (A-framed) roof.  We believe that one can Live Luxuriously(TM) and responsibly and that eco-friendly does not have to be over the top "crunchy" or too "hippy".  NEVER boring and NEVER sacrificing quality.  It can be hip, stylish, and good for you, baby, and the wonderful world in which we live.  We only have one life so go ahead and enjoy the finer things!  Live Luxuriously.  Live Responsibly...but Why Look Like Everyone Else?  Shop Bubble Belly for all the unique finds you crave.

We know it can be pretty tough to get out of the house to come shop when you are trying to wrangle a newborn and multiple tots and older siblings so you can always get some much needed retail therapy and Shop Bubble Belly online 24/7/365 from your phone or desktop or come into our Downtown Davis, CA store (on the corner of 4th and G Streets) to peruse our selection.  Feel free to Contact Us using our online form, give us a call or drop us an email too if you need some personal shopping help:  530.231.5538 or customerrelations@shopbubblebelly.com  

We are so grateful to be here and absolutely LOVE what we do and would love to meet you in-store or online on our social media accounts!

With love & style,

The Bubble Belly Family