Pura Stainless Bottle Vented Top, 2 Pack - (CLICK FOR FLOW/AGE OPTIONS)

$ 5.99

Replacement and extra vented nipples for THE MOST VERSATILE and convenient eco-friendly, plastic-free bottle & sippy in the world!  It is the only brand that is completely plastic free!  All mating parts are plastic free (all food-safe, stainless steel) and nipples, spouts, and all accessories are plastic-free, medical-grade silicone.  Stainless is also recyclable and comprised of 60% recycled content. One bottle can last you an entire lifetime if you don't lose it! Just swap out the nipple for a silicone sippy or a straw when baby grows. For adults or school aged kids, you can remove the nipple or sippy spout, switch to a straw, or cap it off with the silicone sealing discs (sold separately) and use as a water bottle.  Toss it in the diaper bag, backpack, or in the car.  One bottle adaptable for the entire family and grows with baby. 

*Medical-grade silicone nipples and sippy spouts are plastic-free and do not leach chemicals, toxins, nor retains odors and stains
*Comes in flow rates for newborns, 3 months, 6 month+

*Bottles come with one nipple and/or sippy.  However, having extras on-hand always make for a more pleasant late night up or outing.  It is recommended to always check nipples and sippies for wear or tears and replace every few months or as-needed.

*Nipples all have an extended internal stem & vent system to minimize gas or air bubbles to help prevent/reduce colic.

*Compatible with wide neck bottles from Pura, ThinkBaby™, BornFree™, EcoVessel, and Dr. Brown's™

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