Mommy Needs a Vacation...for 2 hours anyway! May 02 2015

We have a lot of fun events for your kiddos, you know that (if you've missed one, you are definitely missing out...don't forget to sign up for our mailing list so you don't miss another!).  It's a lot of work to put those events on but just the sight of those adorable little faces, happy as can be, and hearing their squeals of excitement and joy make all our hard work so worth it.

So with that said, we want to hear YOU, busy mama, squeal...or perhaps just let out a collective sigh of relief and much needed exhale of relaxation!  We are now putting on a special event just for YOU, moms, sisters, friends.  We know you are busy, running the household, chasing after crazy/active kids, trying to clean, fix dinner, manage the family schedule, cleaning snot, drool, and p...

Now let's just take a vacation.  We know you need one.  We know you CAN NOT take one or else...well, the family will just fall apart!  Right?  OK.  Maybe not completely fall apart.  They will be fine.  Leave the kids with a responsible adult.  Come out to Bubble Belly and EXHALE for a couple of hours.  Let us pamper you.  Mingle with other ADULTS and enjoy some ADULT conversation!  Sit in silence if you want...because we know silence in your household is probably very elusive!  Just come.  Spend a couple of hours with us and relax while you enjoy some food, wine, and some free facials.  After all, you deserve to escape...if only for a couple of hours.

Your family will get you back.  They will be fine without you.  You will leave refreshed, skin glowing, REALLY relaxed (especially after a glass of wine), and ready for bed...

Hopefully the kids will already be in bed by that time.  You can return home to a quiet house and perhaps even get to bed early.  The two hours you took for yourself will be worth it, we promise!  You're not being selfish.  YOU DESERVE IT!

Ladies Night Out.  Join us!