Handmade Silver Heart & Leatherette Bracelet, BTSxARMY I Purple You

$ 11.99

This cute and precious heart charm bracelet is the perfect gift for anyone that means the world to you.


When you say "I Purple You" you don't just mean you love them but you love them and respect them and will always support them. Like the rainbow, the color purple is at the bottom, like it is supporting and lifting the other colors up. uwu


ARMY ans BTS feels the borafication in everything we do and see. It's seeing the beauty and kindness in everything and everyone.

BTSxARMY feel the same. We have each other's backs and treat all with kindness and compassion.

Send this cute adjustable leatherette chord bracelet with a heart charm to tell your BFF, sister, ARMY sister, daughter, etc. that your heart is always with them and that together, you can conquer anything. 


💜 I purple you. 💜


This makes a great stocking or gift basket stuffer, a "just because" gift, a birthday gift, and more. 

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