CosRx Quality South Korean Skincare - Vitamin C23 Serum

$ 29.99

CosRx Quality South Korean Skincare - Vitamin C23 Serum

Brightens dull skin, reduces dark spots, smooths out skin tone and uneven texture.

Hypoallergenic 23% pure vitamin C Antioxidant brightening booster with high performance for preventing early signs of anti-aging

Benefits: - Fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation 

  • Brightens dull skin 
  • Firms and plumps 
  • Diminishes finelines and wrinkles
  • Targets: - Dull skin - Uneven skintone - Dark spots and hyperpigmentation - Early signs of aging
  • Clinical Results in 4 Weeks 
  • 16.26% improvement of pigmentation (visible melasma and blemishes) 
  • 32.89% improvement of triple-complexion skin tone (red skin tone) 
  • 32.36% effect of brightening (skin radiance) 
  • 16.36% improvement of elasticity (internal elasticity) 
  • 38.65% improvement of the pore (volume) 
  • 27.18% improvement of the pore (count) 
  • 4.18% improvement of skin age
  • *Based on clinical trials of 20 subjects. *Dermacosmetic Skin Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Example of daily skincare steps: cleans, tone, vitamin C, snail serum and/or hyaluronic acid, finishing moisturizer/SPF.

Rule of thumb is to apply lighter liquids and serums first and end with the heaviest (gels or creams/moisturizers last).

Size: 20mL (0.70oz)

Quality skincare. Made in South Korea.

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