Nailmatic Made in France - Plant Based Non-Toxic Nail Polish - Gala Light Gold Shimmer

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Nailmatic Made in France - Plant Based Non-Toxic Nail Polish - Gala Light Gold Shimmer

84% plant-based formula and non of the harmful, harsh chemicals like other regular nail polishes. Contains Manioc, Cotton, Plant Keratin and Starflower Oil.

Non-toxic & sophisticated, safe for kids but beautifully luxurious for adults. No more worrying about you and your little ones getting into your self care stash. Go ahead and have a spa day together or take a few minutes to pamper yourself with a splash of new nail color. Sometimes it's just the few minutes of self care that make it a big difference in your day.

For best wear: Use with Nailmatic top and base coats for  maximum durability, using a blow dryer on low heat between coats to help polish set. Since Nailmatic does not contain harsh chemicals, these few extra steps go a long way for chip and scratch resistance.

How long does it last? 5 days (and more, depending on the nature of your nails)

Easy to apply, thanks to a fluid texture Glossy finish? Brilliant! Plant-based solvents for a more responsible nail polish R.E.S.P.E.C.T 10-free formula: renewable and natural origin ingredients (84%). Solvents are made with corn, wheat, cotton, manioc and potato. No upsetting nasties around: no paraben, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene, camphor, resin of formaldehyde, benzophenone-1 or nanoparticles.

Made in France with local partners, from creation to manufacturing to packaging. Everything is proudly done within 200 km from Nailmatic parisian headquarters.

Vernis à Ongles

8ml (0.27 fl. oz.) 


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