Soft Quilted Puffer Crossbody Purse, Sling Bag - Chocolate Brown

$ 39.99

Soft Quilted Puffer Crossbody Purse, Sling Bag - Chocolate Brown

Great for air travel, festivals, strolling the boardwalks and amusement parts, and so much more!

Stylish Puffy Design Bag with quick snap, adjustable length cross body strap.

Zipper Closure and elastic cinch.

100% Polyester

Approximate dimensions: 13" x 7" x 3" ** 

Stylish High-Quality Lightweight Puffer Bag—a fashion-forward fusion of functionality and elegance. This contemporary accessory redefines practicality with its lightweight design, ensuring utmost comfort without compromising on style. The puffer-inspired detailing adds a trendy edge, while the high-quality materials guarantee durability.

Perfect for a busy mom's everyday errands or for anyone wanting to carry a comfortably light and durable purse for a vacation or shopping days.

With its sleek silhouette and thoughtful construction, it's an essential companion for those who prioritize both aesthetics and convenience. Elevate your daily ensemble with the functional and stylish, on-trend cross body sling bag.

Hand wash or spot clean. Wipe and dry with a soft cloth as needed. If handwashing, line or air dry.


abel size and approximate fittings:
Label Size Fits Approx Age Label Fits Approx Age
0-1 fits 0-3 mo 24 fits 2-3 yrs
2-4 fits 3-6 mo 2 fits 2-3 yrs
4-6 fits 6-9 mo 3 fits 3-4 yrs
6-9 fits 9-12 mo 4 fits 4-5 yrs
9-12 fits 12-18 mo 5 fits 5-6 yrs
12 fits 12-18 mo 6 fits 6-7 yrs
18 fits 18-24 mo 7 fits 7-8 yrs
24 fits 2-3 yrs 8 fits 8-9 yrs
36 fits 3-4 yrs 9 fits 9-10 yrs

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