Teething can be a tough and tiring time for both babies and family!  Sore, red, itchy gums.  All the drooling and maybe crying and fussing...it may be unavoidable and is part of the wonderful signs of growth and thriving for your baby. 

Although you may not actually see the tip of their tooth break through for a few more months, those "teething pains" (and that wonderful drooling) can start as soon as at 2 months old.

Whether it is raw wood, silicone, or if you just need something to catch all that lovely drool, we've got a great selection of teething jewelry, toys, bibs, etch. chosen specifically with you and baby in mind.  Many of these have been tested and tried by our very own Bubble Belly Babies and with lots of great feedback from our lovely customers and their sweet Littles!   ...because only the best will do when your little one needs soothing.  Good luck getting through these phases and try your best to "enjoy" these little milestones!  Feel free to drop us a line should you need any assistance or have any feedback!  We love to hear from you!