JaqJaq Travel Games - Reusable Board Games & Activities, Games

$ 29.99

JaqJaq Travel Games - Reusable Board Games & Activities, Games

Bored?  Want them to be engaged in non-electronic activities to spark their imagination and spur wonder?  These board games when they are "bored" is a great way to keep them creative while giving them some fun activities, whether at home or on the road.

These boards are erasable and reusable.  5 boards come in an easy and compact, zippered pouch, fits perfectly in the back seat pocket in the car.  Keep them entertained on long road trips while giving them the much needed break from their electronic devices.

These are great for use while waiting at restaurants, taking along to the gandparents' house, or anywhere they go.

Each zippered pouch comes with 5 reusable boards and a starter set of ButterStix.

Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to erase, and create over and over again.  Wishy Washy Non-Toxic Markers or 12 Color ButterStix (sold separately) work perfectly on these boards for a mess-free, non-toxic wondrous play time.

Ideal for children 3 years & up.

Each book is 8"x8" when closed, 8"x16" when opened.  Velcro closure.

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