7574 Mayoral Boys Long Fit Pants, Dark Grey, Eco-Sustainable

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7574 Mayoral Boys Long Fit Pants, Dark Grey, Eco-Sustainable

Slightly thicker weight with the extra interior cotton lining for an extra cozy pant during the colder winter months. Yet super soft and stretchy so it never inhibits your active boy from going on his adventures or feeling comfy all day at school.

Cool and a classic sleek cut just what your tween & teen boy needs!  Perfect for boys with a graphic print tshirt layered with a flannel or sweater for the casually chic city look with a button up collared shirt and a sweater.

Long fitted pants to fit well to the figure.  Includes zipper and button fastening for easy changes. Adjustable inner waist band buttons to make a more tailored fit. Pants are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials. 

Machine wash warm with like colors.  Tumble dry low or air dry.  Low iron.

98% Cotton, 2% Elastane


Size chart for reference only. 

Label size and approximate fittings:
Label Size Fits Approx Age Label Fits Approx Age
0-1 fits 0-3 mo 24 fits 2-3 yrs
2-4 fits 3-6 mo 2 fits 2-3 yrs
4-6 fits 6-9 mo 3 fits 3-4 yrs
6-9 fits 9-12 mo 4 fits 4-5 yrs
9-12 fits 12-18 mo 5 fits 5-6 yrs
12 fits 12-18 mo 6 fits 6-7 yrs
18 fits 18-24 mo 7 fits 7-8 yrs
24 fits 2-3 yrs 8 fits 8-9 yrs
36 fits 3-4 yrs 9 fits 9-10 yrs

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