9579 Mayoral Ruffled Lace Bloomer Diaper Cover, Pink

$ 21.00

9579 Mayoral Ruffled Lace Bloomer Diaper Cover, Pink

This is an essential item for every girl's wardrobe. Great to wear alone over a bodysuit or to go under dresses to keep the diaper in place and covered. This soft pink will work great under almost any dress and adds a subtle splash of color. Once baby is out of diapers, this makes a great pair of cute underwear under your little toddler's dresses on the playground to stay discrete while on the monkey bars and jungle gym. This will fit a 2-4 year old out of diapers.

Soft, comfy, and a bit of stretch.

90% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 5% Elastane


Machine wash cool with like colors.  Hang dry. Iron as needed or steam.


Sizes are for reference only.

Label size and approximate fittings:
Label Size Fits Approx Age Label Fits Approx Age
0-1 fits NB 24 fits 2-3 yrs
1-2 fits 0-3 mo 2 fits 2-3 yrs
2-4 fits 3-6 mo 3 fits 3-4 yrs
4-6 fits 6-9 mo 4 fits 4-5 yrs
6-9 fits 9-12 mo 5 fits 5-6 yrs
9-12 fits 12-18 mo 6 fits 6-7 yrs
12 fits 12-18 mo 7 fits 7-8 yrs
18 fits 18-24 mo 8 fits 8-9 yrs
24 fits 2-3 yrs 9 fits 9-10 yrs
36 fits 3-4 yrs

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