Freshly Picked Moccassins, RUBBER MINI SOLES, Blue Spruce Oxford

$ 67.00

Freshly Picked Moccassins, RUBBER MINI SOLES, Blue Spruce Oxford

The quality you expect from their first shoes and moccs but with a little more to their sole for their more active selves as they grow and are more mobile. 

Soft but with a mini rubber sole for more grip and protection as they walk, run, jump, and play during their many adventures.  Still the same buttery quality leather you love for babies and now with a mini rubber sole for toddlers that will provide them with extra grip, yet still super flexible for comfort and growing feet.

  • Elastic at the opening makes the shoes easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: they stay on your child's foot.
  • Moccs are made with durable, wear-tested leather and are suitable for new walkers and toddlers alike.
  • Durable, rubber grip soles.
  • Because Freshly Picked shoes are handmade with natural leather, colors and textures may vary.
  • Shape of rubber as shown on a similar Freshly Picked shoe.
Freshly Picked Soft-Soled & Mini Sole
Size Length Approx. Age
0 up to 3.50" 0-3 mo
1 up to 3.60" 6 wks - 6 mo
2 up to 4.45" 6-12 mo
3 up to 4.85" 12-18 mo
4 up to 5.30" 1.5 to 2 yrs
5 up to 5.70" 2 to 2.5 yrs
6 up to 5.97" 2.5 to 3 yrs
7 up to 6.35" 3 to 3.5 yrs
8 up to 6.60" 3.5 to 4 yrs
9 up to 6.95" 4 to 4.5 yrs
10 up to 7.15" 4.5 to 5 yrs


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