Take-a-Number Desktop Ticket Dispenser & Display

$ 12.95

Take-a-Number Desktop Ticket Dispenser & Display

Great gift for busy moms, dads, anyone who takes on a lot of work whether in the office or at home.

Feeling overwhelmed, swamped, and under a pile of work, emails, meeting requests, etc.? Give you office mates (and possibly your boss) a not so subtle hint while keeping a positive and funny outlook to keep you going through your work week.

This is great for Moms at home too! Got multiple kids (and your big kid, husband, too) all calling for you at once? Show them this and have them "take a number". Fun gift for all who do too much:

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Includes a mini butcher counter-style "take a number" system with 100 paper tickets, plus a digital number board to display the number currently being served
  • INCLUDES MINI BOOK: Enjoy an illustrated mini book outlining how to tackle common office distractions, like Carol from accounting asking if you saw last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars
  • PERFECT OFFICE GIFT: Whether it's for your boss, the office White Elephant party, or your busy coworker's birthday, this is a hilarious novelty item that's sure to delight!
  • REALLY WORKS! As functional as it is funny and adorable, this tiny ticket dispenser might actually help you keep requests at bay

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